This is my family recipe…It has been passed down for generations… If you are going to use my family recipe, you should credit them… I learned not to share anymore family recipes 🙂
Shabbat Shalom!
Happy Hanukkah!
Not everyone in my family likes the jelly filling, some prefer the honey…that’s why we do variations…It’s simple and delicious… We know oil is of importance during Chanukah and dairy too… This recipe is for those that don’t have the time nor kitchen space to prepare a dough donut or the ingredients…It’s a variation to sufganiyot/bombolone… You can add the jelly to these balls with a pipe bag or slicing them in half and filling them…
And remember to play my fav Chanukah song, by one of my fav comedians, Adam Sandler ❤… “Put on your yamaka, It’s time for Hanukkah…” AND light the Menorah tonight!…
Thanks for watching!
Torah! Torah!

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