Today, after visiting our local Polish Supermarket in yesterday’s vlog, we decided to do a Polish Food Taste Test today! Watch now guys to see what things we try!!

Our Previous Polish Foods Taste Test:

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We are a family vlogging/reviewing/testing/creating/baking channel. We love to have lots of fun and love making things!

Myah is ten and loves singing, acting, dancing, writing & drawing and watching YouTube! She would be in year 6 (6th Grade) of Primary School but we are now homeschooling & we live in Wales, UK. She has a big brother called Harry (who has his own gaming channel called PARSONATOR). We have three cats called Billie-Belle, Ace-Americano and Daisy-Boo. We are a musical family. Myah sings and is learning to play the piano. She is also in a drama group and recently played the part of Little Alice in Alice Through the Looking Glass. Ceri also sings & writes songs, Matt plays the bass and they are both in the worship team at church. They are currently in the process of recording original Christian/Rock songs with their band, The Only Answer!

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