Balela Salad Recipe.
2 oz (57g) Parsley (1 Bunch)
1 oz (28g) Mint (1/2 Bunch)
15 oz (425g) Garbanzo Beans (1 Can)
15 oz (425g) Black Beans (1 Can)
2 Limes
1 Red Onion
1 Garlic Clove
2 Bell Peppers
Red Wine Vinegar (Approx. 1 Tbsp)
Olive Oil (Approx. 2 Tbsp)
Salt, Black Pepper

1- Grill and dice the bell peppers.
2- Dice the red onion.
3- Mince parsley and mint.

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Balela Salad is a Middle Eastern salad. Despite its simple look, Balela salad is ranked as Grade A food. It contains high amounts of vitamin C, thiamin, manganese and dietary fiber. One serving (3.5 oz / 100g) of Balela Salad has 228 calories and…Read More
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