On our recent trip to Florence, Italy we spent time exploring the amazing Italian food scene. One of the best ways to experience a country and culture is through the food / street food. Italy has some of the best food the world. The central market http://www.mercatocentrale.it/en/mercato-centrale-florence/ is one of the best places to experience the best Italian food in Florence. Here you can sample a large variety of what Italian food has to offer.

These are some of the food featured in this video:
-Cafe or coffee: Best way to start the day in Italy is to have a coffee or espresso at one of the local cafes. Meet the locals and enjoy the best coffee at great prices.
-Gelato: Florence and Italy is known for the best ice cream in the world. The best ice cream in Florence can be found at La Carraia: http://www.lacarraiagroup.eu
-Pizza: The best pizza in Florence is something to be debated. I suggest to Google for this best pizza place. No doubt this will change over time.
-Pasta: Fresh past is the only way to go. The best pasta in the world is always fresh. This allows you to eat more….and who doesn’t like that? If you want to experience the best Italian meal in Florence, then I suggest http://www.b-roof.it
-Budino di riso or rice tart is a Florence speciality. Go to any bakery and get yourself this local treat. Delicious.
-Florence is also know for street food favourite, tripe called Trippa all Fiorentina. Only for the brave.
-Best roof terrace in Florence: We visited this amazing roof terrace with great views https://www.lungarnocollection.com/la-terrazza-lounge-bar

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