This time I bring you a delicious Norwegian traditional cake: Bløtkake, so you don’t forget that 17th of May, Norway’s Nacional day, is just around the corner! 😀

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(for the cake batter)
– 3 eggs
– 190g sugar
-290g plain flour
– 3 tea spoons of baking flour
– 1 tea spoon of salt
– 2 table spoons butter
– 1 cup of milk

(for the filling and decoration)
– 600ml whipping cream
– 30g sugar
– 100g strawberry or raspberry jam
– 300gr fresh fruit (i used strawberries and blueberries)

Pre heat your oven to 180ºC.
In a bowl beat the egg whites.
In another bowl mix all the other ingredients for the cake batter together, then fold in the egg whites.
Por the mixture in a round springform pan. Bake the cake in the oven for about 50 or 60 min.
Remove from the oven and let cool down. When fully cooled slice it into three horizontal layers using a long serrated knife.
Spread the jam and some whipping cream on each layer. Cover the hole cake with the remaining whipping cream and decorate with the fruit.

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