Delhi’s Best Pav Bhaji Guaranteed India’s Best Street Food Pav Bhaji The Tourism School. This place is in Krishna Nagar, East Delhi, Mandir Marg near Lal Quater Market. Trust me the Chowk on this place is located is now known as Pav Bhaji Chowk, this place is that famous. Very Cheap. Under 1 USD one can fill tummy. The place is known as Kumar Pav Bhaji Center. The owner only cooks the Bhaji and he is very humble man, he use to put his hawker here and out of the same business he owns his own place now. This place is true example of learning how to become successful in food business.
“Street Food or any Food Shown in Our Videos Can Cause Many Diseases like Heart Problem (Heart Attack also), Cancer, Stomach Infection. So Eat at your own risk”