A fabulously simple rainbow salad recipe from the repertoire of Anna Gare, my right hand person in the kichen.

Serves 6

2 carrots, julienne strips
1/2 broccoli, small florets
200g yellow squash
200g snow peas
1 red capsicum
200g bean sprouts
2 tsp chopped ginger
1 chilli (to taste)
Soft core or lemon grass stem,
finely chopped
1 cup coriander, freshly chopped
1 cup basil, freshly chopped
1 cup mint, freshly chopped
3 tbsp kecup manis
(sweet Indonesian soya sauce)
250g egg noodles
1 tbsp sesame oil

Cook the noodles in salted boiling water until tender, refresh in cold water and drain.
Toss the noodles in the sesame oil.

Blanch all the vegetables, except the capsicum, for about 30 seconds, then refresh in cold water.

In a large bowl toss the noodles with all the blanched and raw vegetables. Then add the fresh herbs.

Finally, add the kecup manis and toss well.

Wine Suggestion: Semillon Sauvignon Blanc
Leftover Potential: Keeps for a day in the refrigerator.