This is from my daughter’s channel, Sarah Miller Makeup. She pulled a fast one on my last night in Madrid and had me do this Spanish food taste test. I really enjoy most of the food in Spain but there are a few things I won’t eat. Luckily she did not have those items on hand baby eels (yuk), anchovies in vinegar and oil (not bad), cockles (no), stuffed baby squid (no again), and barnacles which may be the cockles. I’m not sure but they look liked they were pulled off the bottom of a ship’s hull. I do love the jamon (thinly sliced cured ham), sheep cheese, paella, gazpacho, wine, sangria, olives, and many others. And I love to wash it down with Fanta Lemon which you cannot find in the U.S. for some reason. I think it would be a top seller in the U.S.