Video recording by Bill Parks: Polish Easter Soup – “Bialy Barszcz” – Polish Borsch Here is the recipe for making the hot broth. The broth must be very hot when it is poured over the bowl full of chopped up ham, slices of boiled eggs, slices of fresh white Polish sausage, bits of rye bread and white or red horse radish. After boiling the fresh white Polish sausage until it is well cooked — save the left over broth and skim off any fat that came to the top. Add two table spoons of vinegar. Mix some flour with a 1/2 cup of cold water. Add to the hot broth, mix and simmer this broth for awhile and it will be ready for making the Polish borsch. Each person may pour the hot broth over their individually prepared bowls. This video was made on the fabulous waterproof Kodak Playsport camera which I bought for only $129 at Walmart. I set the video camera to high definition “1080p” mode. I edited it in the easy to use Windows Vista Moviemaker program and then uploaded the final version in 720p Xbox resolution mode. Music: Kevin MacLeod.