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Strange foods that we eat in Spain, and other strange foods I’ve eaten all over the world.

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Rather than boring grammar lessons, we provide free interesting listening experiences for learners of Spanish. We believe that the best way to learn Spanish is to have authentic experiences with it. By listening to our stories, culture explanations and games, you will get used to real Spanish as it’s used in context, and eventually develop a native-like intuition for the grammar and the vocabulary, together with a clear pronunciation.

The videos try to use basic Spanish as much as possible and be easy enough for a complete beginner in the language to get the gist of the story and start picking up vocabulary. That way you’ll get that i+1 necessary to make fast progress in the language.

Things I use to record my videos that I recommend:
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– Whiteboard marker (the BEST I found after trying many kinds, not even other models by BIC were as good as this one):